My SAP Portal



  • Does not require licensing or annual maintenance payment .
  • Total security of your information. There is no direct internet connection from your database.
  • The administration is completely CLOUD.
  • It works on any version of SAP Business One (tested from 8.8 to 9.3).
  • Possibility to customize a domain, colors, logos and banners. You can also link your web page so that the user feels that he is not entering a generic page.
  • Responsive Web Page - Works on PC, MAC, Tablet, IOS Smartphone or Android.
  • It does not require development. You can create new report options that users with technologies known to SAP Business One customers can see.
  • Use the queries and Crystal Reports that you already have in SAP Business One.
  • The 6 reports most used by our clients at no cost are included.


SAP Business One is a unique and integrated solution that supplies you clear visibility into your entire business, as well as total control over each aspect of its operations.

Those companies that do not yet implement SAP Business One, do not obtain your business information immediately, further delay taking of decisions, it takes several days to access sales information from past months, and in general its operations are integrated with 2 or more independent systems and difficult to incorporate.

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